I am filled with anger and disgust at the giddy assholes that are excited about the direction our country is taking. It is hard to act cordial to people who don’t give a fuck about facts or democracy, they are just excited by the freak show. Everything he has accused her of, he or his toadies have done but it doesn’t…


Dirty Little Secrets

I have struggled with clinical depression most of my adult life. It's like my dirty little secret. I've learned through personal experience that it's something to be ashamed of, to hide behind a bright smile and witty banter. I rarely discuss it or minimize it when I do. It is all-consuming at times, an immense…

Wooden Boat

I've been drifting without an anchor,
for sixteen years come this August.
I have no sails or compass,
and my timbers are beginning to rot.
My skin has grown coarse from the sun and salt,
and my fingers have become withered from the water.
I will continue on though,
for the one whose name has passed my lips,
only in my…

Happy Birthday, Baby

Today is my oldest son's 21st birthday. There is a long story behind it, but essentially my son grew up without his father. We just recently found him again after a long absence, and they started talking again. Only I think the talk has consisted of one phone conversation and a few likes on Facebook, which I resent…